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Welcome to Skanpol Spa Wellness&Beauty

The history of our SPA goes back to 1997 when it opened in the heart of town surrounded by a beautiful park. It was located on the 3rd floor of the hotel for 24. Now it has changed for you and offers treatments in spacious interiors located on floor A (between floors 0 and 1). On two levels the total area of which is 750 m2 you will find rejuvenation treatment rooms, comfortably refurbished massage parlours, face and body as well as hand and feet cosmetics, a gym and a stylish RELAXATION LOUNGE with a view of the park. Our team of professionally trained beauticians and therapists will take care of your well-being and relaxation. Using high tech equipment and excellent application techniques we ensure top quality service. Take care of you with Skanpol Spa Wellness&Beauty

  • Body treatments
  • Relaxation treatments
  • Beauty treatments
  • Physiotherapeutic treatments

Professionalism first

Skanpol Spa Wellness&Beauty are specialists who boast enormous professional experience and versatile work skills. Therefore we can ensure you that the treatments we offer are always carried out in a professional and safe way.

Discover Skanpol Beauty Spa Wellness

Spacious SPA&Wellness in the New Skanpol Hotel. Visit our interiors.